Pink Cupcake Bath Bombs

  • $5.49

Don't let their size fool you! These little guys pack a powerful punch! Weighing in at 2.5 ounces and 2 inches in diameter they contain Shea Butter and Olive Oil that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized! They perform as good if not better than those huge softball size bombs that you’ve seen!

You won’t need any lotion when you get out, and to top it off you'll smell WONDERFUL too!

Pink Cupcake - Delicious whipped, sugary pink buttercream frosting on top of a fresh-from-the-oven vanilla cupcake


"These left my skin feeling so soft and scented for a LONG time! I have VERY dry skin and hard water so it's hard for me to find a product that keeps my skin from feeling like leather. These are the answer!!!"

"Used one of these the minute I got them in the mail and it was great! A bath's never made my skin feel so nice. And of course, they smell awesome. Especially the brown sugar and fig one"

"these are the best bath bombs i've tried."

"Was slightly saddened when I realized that these are about the size of a golf ball....but then after actually bathing with it I'm a changed woman. These pack a punch! Super fizzy, moisturizing (I didn't even have to use lotion!) and smell SO good!! To me the scent reminded me of strawberry lemonade (which was the perfect getaway from the blah-ness of Michigan winters)"

"Yummy highly scented bath bombs. I only used half a bomb and it left my skin plenty moisturized without leaving the tub a mess. Love these."