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Black Bath Wrap

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COLOR:  Solid Black

Bath wraps are great for busy ladies who like to choose their outfit while after they get out of the shower or do their hair and face before they get dressed.  

They are also great for those of us (I'm a guilty party here) who get in the shower half asleep and leave our clean clothes in our bedroom.  With kids wide awake no one wants to risk a regular bath towel that barely fits around let alone that tight-roll thing we do could shake lose at any minute and cause years of therapy! 

They are also great as a cover up at the beach or pool!!

They are one size fits most with a very sturdy velcro closure across the front and elastic sewn into the back for a more adjustable fit.  100% cotton, terry on the inside and velour on the outside.  

Care: Machine wash cold with like colors - tumble dry cool - do not bleach.

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