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Our TOP Picks for July!

Posted on July 10 2016

LILY & JASMINE Handmade Soap is one of my all time favorite floral scents.  It is sweet and sassy with it's citrus notes of tangerine, oranges and a hint of berries, but elegant and refined with notes of jasmine, water lilies and light florals.  All of these wonderful scents combine to create this amazing and very unique scent that has become wildly popular over that last year!   I'm also partial to this particular soap because of the beautiful color pattern and the way this design came out when I made it!  

YUZU COCONUT Body Polish is fresh and vibrant and full of scrubby goodness!  Not only will it remove your dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed, it will leave behind it's fun and fruity refreshingly bright and cherry scent too!  

CHILL Shower Steamers!!!  Ok, so these little discs are kind of the neatest thing ever!  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE a bath, and will take one any and every chance I can, but when I injured my knee last year, I was unable to take baths because the heat would cause my knee to swell even more and yada yada yada these little dudes were born!  I have also found that having all three kids home for the summer is a bit stressful (some of the time) they are a rowdy bunch and when the little dude gets too much sugar, it's like the Tasmanian Devil was let loose in the house!  So, I need a little help relaxing and that's where the Chill Shower Steamers come in! They are made with 100% pure undiluted Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oil to help relax and unwind the mind, body and soul - until the next round of sugar filled children pass through the house!!  

So, that's it!  These are my top picks for the month of July!  I hope you like them as much as I do!  


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