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Posted on August 27 2017

Stop in now or order online before they're gone!  

It's that time of year to clear out some of those summery/spring-time scents and make room for all the delightful and eagerly awaited fall scents! 

They have all been marked down to 40% now!  After the 31st they will be gone until Spring! 

Stop in the store in Princeton or order online to get these goodies before they are gone for good!

BAR SOAPS - Gardenia

SILKY BODY LOTION - Black Raspberry - Summertime - Yuzu Coconut

BODY MIST - Black Raspberry - Candy Crush - Ocean Waves - Summertime - Sweet Pea - Tropical Vacation 

BODY SALTS - Black Raspberry - Summertime - Yuzu Coconut 

LIQUID SOAP - Ocean Waves 

LOTION BARS - Black Raspberry - Summertime 

WHIPPED CREAM SOAP - Black Raspberry - Summertime 

DEODORANT - Black Raspberry - Forbidden - Island Girl - Yuzu Coconut 

SHAMPOO BARS - Ocean Waves - Black Raspberry 

LIP BUTTERS - Sangria - Cotton Candy 

SOY CANDLES - Tahitian Dreams - Butterfly Kisses - Summertime - Forbidden

SOY MELTS - Tahitian Dreams - Butterfly Kisses - Summertime 

BODY MOUSSE - Black Raspberry - Hot Mess - Island Girl - Summertime - Sweet Pea - Yuzu Coconut 

ROLL-ON PERFUME OIL - Black Raspberry - Island Girl - Summertime 

BODY POLISH - Black Raspberry -Summertime - Ocean Waves - Yuzu Coconut

Hope to see you soon!! :) 


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