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So, how do you like it?

Posted on June 16 2016

The website is back up and running and I for one, absolutely love the look and feel of it! But I am just one person and I am anxious to hear what you guys think of it!  

There are a couple things to point out before you start shopping though.  

1.  ALL of your previous information (ie. Orders, Reward points, Coupon Codes etc.) have been saved to your user account.  In order to access your account information though, you will have to kind of RE-register.  Just click the Sign In link at the of the screen - now here's the tricky part - DO NOT fill in the LOGIN portion - instead, put your email address in under the CREATE ACCOUNT portion and click the CREATE.  An e-mail will be sent to you within a minute or two.  Once you confirm your email, all your information will be back under your account!  :) 

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2. SAVE 10% on everything in your cart with our opening special!!  Through June 30th, use coupon code SAVE10 and everything in your cart will be marked down 10%  - yahoo!!!!

Lastly - I am doing everything I can to get the product photos and description updated and make the website more cohesive throughout - that however, will take a few more weeks.  But PLEASE - let me know if you find anything "wonky" with the site or anything on the site.  

Happy Shopping and and HUGE Thank You for all your support and patience during the transition! 


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